English Paper Piecing: The Complete Guide

English Paper Piecing Complete Guide

Welcome to the TheDIYAddict.com’s complete English Paper Piecing guide!

Warning: this article is addicting. You might be overwhelmed with all of the information, but we hope that you will bookmark this article as we update it with new information every week.

A short summary of the topics we cover in this article:

1. A list of the most popular English Paper Piecing patterns
2. Comprehensive video and written tutorials
3. Where to find English paper piecing supplies and templates
4. The history of English paper piecing and popular quilters

Make sure you read the entire article to learn about upcoming giveaways, new quilt a longs, pattern releases, and to discover new coupons!

English Paper Piecing Patterns

Let’s jump right into the most popular topic, patterns! There are soo many patterns available and if you are looking to find, even more, search for ‘english paper patterns’ in Google. Most patterns can be broken down into three categories: Traditional, Legacy, and Modern. The categories are formed from the time and or location which they were designed. Legacy patterns such as Dear Jane and Lucy Boston were mostly created in the 1800 and 1900’s. Traditional patterns such as the La Passacaglia were created in the 2000’s. Modern patterns are the newest category and are often said to use different types of shapes with an emphasis on curves. At TheDIYAddict, we sell several kits and a ton of supplies for quilts within all of the categories.


La Passacaglia English Paper Piecing Patterns

Lucy Boston (Patchwork of the Crosses)

Lucy Boston English Paper Piecing Patterns


Castle Wall English Paper Piecing Patterns

Storm at Sea

Storm at Sea English Paper Piecing Patterns

English Paper Piecing Templates

When you hear or see the mention of ‘templates’ alongside an English Paper Piecing quilt. it’s referencing ‘acrylic templates’. Acrylic templates can come in many shapes and sizes; some are green, yellow, orange, blue, or more common, clear. We always advise individuals to find their favorite color, but clear comes to the mind most regularly due to the fact that it’s easy to see your fabric through the templates and it is easier to fussy cut.

English Paper Piecing Templates

English Paper Piecing Supplies

No matter the pattern you have selected, supplies are generally the same. Supplies consist mainly of paper pieces, the pattern itself, and acrylic templates (fabric is also a requirement!). In addition to the main supply list, there are a ton of accessories to help with your project. These consist of the Sewline Riolis Sewline Water-Soluble Fabric Glue Pen, Clover Desk Needle Threader, Clover Wonder Clips,OLFA Double-Sided Rotary Mat, Fiskars Rotary Cutter, Quality Forged Razor-Edged Bent Scissors, Superior Bottom Line Polyester Thread, Richard Hemming Milliners Straw Needles Size 11. There is no ‘correct’ supply list, but this is generally what is used by most EPPers.

English Paper Piecing Hexagons

Hexagons, also referenced as ‘hexies’, are arguably the most common English Paper Piecing shape. Even though there is no suggested path for starting out with EPP, a lot of individuals find themselves starting with hexagons or if you are looking for a pattern, Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

English Paper Piecing Books

Not including pattern guides, there are only a few books which are dedicated to English Paper Piecing. The more recognized book would be Millefiori Quilts 1 and 2 by Willyne Hammerstein and published by Quiltmania. Newly added from a recommendation from readers: The All Points Patchwork Book which is for small EPP projects.

English Paper Piecing Projects

Often referred to as an EPP project due to the preparation, supplies, and materials needed – it is often understated how much effort goes into your first EPP project. It is not uncommon for a project to take up to two years to fully complete. You’ll often find yourself working on multiple quilts at the same time so it takes even longer!

English Paper Piecing Kits

At TheDIYAddict.com we offer kits as well as supplies for specific patterns. A way to determine the difference is that a kit usually includes a pattern guide while supplies usually consist of either acrylic templates, or paper pieces. Attached below is a selection of all of our kits and supplies we offer on the website.



La Passacaglia

Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Lucy Boston (Patchwork of the Crosses)

Castle Wall

Storm at Sea

English Paper Piecing Tutorial

EPP quilting tutorials are hard to come by! Luckily we have made an effort to produce several videos and written tutorials for the La Passacaglia quilt as well as English Paper Piecing in general. We are now hosting a weekly video tutorial which allows any and all quilters to ask questions regarding English paper piecing. You can view several of our tutorials here:

The Flat Back Stitch

How to Fussy Cut

Fussy Cutting and Wrapping The Papers

Save Your Fingers!

Glue Basting Your Shapes

Using Clover Clips With The Flat Back Stitch

Glue Basting Tight Points

How To Use A Needle Threader!

How To Mark Your Clear Templates

Keep Your Thread From Breaking!

Cutting 8 Shapes At One Time!

What To Do If Your Papers Release Too Quickly

Best Invention Ever! Thread Snippers

Thread Needle Graveyard

But one of our favorite tutorials is our video on the Flat Back Stitch (FBS for short). If you are looking for an easier way to sew your fabric or want to learn how to English paper piece, we highly suggest you give it a look!

English Paper Piecing Quilts or English Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns

We have mentioned this above, but we have found there are several search terms which are used to find new EPP quilts and patterns. If you type either of these search terms into Google you’ll find plenty of information!

English Paper Pieces or English Paper Piecing Papers

One of the indicators to determine if a quilt pattern is for English Paper Piecing is to see if there are paper pieces. Paper pieces come in several kinds of shapes and styles which are mostly related to the type of paper used. This could include regular printer paper, cardstock, or recycled paper. It is mostly a matter of preference depending on the quilt and/or what’s included in the kit. At TheDIYAddict we use white cardstock due to the fact that we found it’s easier to glue and peel away from your fabric at the finish.

Cardstock Paper Pieces Example

Dear Jane

Dear Jane is one of the most popular ‘legacy quilts’ in the English Paper Piecing pattern world. From personal experience, we can say it is extremely challenging to make due to the numerous intricate small shapes. At the moment, we are unaware of a company that offers a complete Dear Jane kit that includes a pattern guide, paper pieces, and acrylic templates but we are on the lookout.

Dear Jane Quilt

If you are searching for the dear jane quilt (for supplies) there are several name variations to use; The Dear Jane Quilt, DJQ, and The Dear Jane. If you were to type any of these into Google or Yahoo you will find a lot of information pertaining to the pattern. There is even a dedicated website just to the Dear Jane Quilt which you can view here!

Dear Jane Quilt Book

As per our previous note, we do not know of a complete kit for the Dear Jane, but there is a technology based solution offered by electric quilt company that does provide tutorials. I believe you have to download their software and print the individual pieces.

Dear Jane Quilt Pattern

As mentioned above, one of the hardest parts with quilting your DJQ is the fact that the dear jane quilt blocks are extremely small, and there are so many of them. We have received several requests for a Dear Jane quilt tutorial, but we haven’t had the time to put one together. Here is tutorial that includes information on the dear jane quilt kit which we recommend.

Hexagon Quilt

The hexagon shape is a mainstay in the English Paper Piecing community. We guarantee that you’ve seen a hexagon quilt, or a small English Paper Piecing project before! Hexagons are everywhere and they come in too many sizes to list.

Hexagon Quilt Patterns

The most common hexagon pattern is Grandmother’s Flower Garden which is a repetition of only one shape, a hexagon! There are several sizes of hexagons which allow you to make a really small, or really large hexagon quilt depending on your preference.

Hexagon Template Quilting or Hexagon Template For Quilting

At the moment, we do not sell individual hexagon patchwork templates, but the Grandmother’s Flower Garden supplies we sell at TheDIYAddict include a 1 ¼” acrylic template.

Pieced Hexies A New Tradition in English Paper Piecing

Hexagon templates for patchwork is not necessarily a new tradition, I’d have to say it is a very old tradition! We can’t confirm, but I bet the hexagon is one of the oldest English Paper Piecing shapes in history!

Millefiori Quilts

Ah, Millefiori quilts! The term Millefiori quilts is often used to represent English Paper Piecing. If someone tells you they are working on a Millefiori quilt, the chances are they are English Paper Piecing! Well, what is Millefiori? Millefiori is actually an ancient form of glass blowing that supposedly originated during the Roman era that creates extremely distinctive patterns. We’re not historians here, so we’ll leave you with this Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millefiori

Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein

The book is authored by Willyne Hammerstein and published by Quiltmania popularized the Millefiori Quilt term. Even though there are a ton of individual patterns within the book, the most popular pattern is most likely the La Passacaglia Quilt. The Millefiori Quilt book was the first book in the series, there is now a second edition which you can learn about below.

Millefiori Quilts

How do we know? Because it’s everywhere! At TheDIYAddict, we have two finished La Passacaglia Quilt that took over 2 years to complete!

We love the quilt so much that you can purchase supplies from us to start on your La Passacaglia adventure. This includes paper pieces and acrylic templates of varying sizes.

Millefiori Quilts Book and Millefiori Quilts 2

The second book in the Millefiori patchwork series it includes 16 new millefiori quilt patterns in addition to the first book.

Millefiori Quilts 2

Millifiori Quilts

One item to note is that there are two ways to spell the type of quilt which confuses people but they are the same thing so don’t worry! The spellings are: Millifiori and Millifiore.

Jen Kingwell

Jen is one of the most popular Hand Piecing designers in the world. She is based in Australia and started quilting on the machine, but now has several hand piecing kits that are turned itno EPP kits which are available for purchase. We highly recommend that you check out her store if you are in the area. Here is her website’s link: https://www.amitie.com.au/

Jen Kingwell Patterns and Jen Kingwell Quilt Patterns

At the moment, we do not know of an active Jen Kingwell block of the month, but we do know there are several Facebook Groups that promote sharing your creation.

Jen Kingwell Designs

An important note is that Jen Kingwell Designs has associated the brand associated with her individual designs.

Sue Daley

Sue Daley is another English Paper Piecer based in Australia. She is a well known, modern English Paper piecers that is actively designing new patterns. She also owns a very famous quilting store in Australia called: http://www.busyfingerspatchwork.com/

Sue Daley English Paper Piecing

Even though Sue has a large following consisting of English Paper Piecers, she also offers several machine sewing patterns which we recommend you check out!

Sue Daley Designs and Sue Daley Quilts

Similar to Jen Kingwell, Sue’s Engish Paper Piecing brand is also uses the word design in it, in particular ‘Sue Daley Designs’.

Sue Daley Products

A full list of Sue Daley products is coming soon!

Sue Daley Templates

Sue Daley’s EPP patterns are considered kits due to the fact that they include a pattern guide, acrylic templates, and paper pieces that is for 1/3 of the total quilt. She is well known for her clear templates designs that have her logo engraved on them.

Sue Daly

Don’t get mixed up with the name, it’s spell with an E! If you are looking to connect you can the Sue Daley Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/Sue-Daley-Designs-309360662416527/

Dresden Plate

The Dresden Plate is one of the most well-known English Paper Piecing blocks in existence. It was thought to be the most popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s across Europe. The design is based on a Victorian Fan which is opened into a fully circular shape. The quilt block is named after the town of Dresden, Germany which was the center of the 19th century romanticism art movement.

Dresden Plate Template

The Dresden Plate, excluding the border, is made up of two distinct shapes and templates that look very similar to a flower. The first template is a small circle that is around 2” in diameter. The pedal-like shapes that extend from the center from the article vary in size depending on the templates you use.

Perfect Patchwork Template-Dresden Plate, Package of Four

Dresden Quilt Patterns

Judy Anne, of Patterns From History has an excellent tutorial and way to download the free pattern from her website. She provides all of the details required to start your first Dresden quilt! Here is the link: http://www.patternsfromhistory.com/colonial_revival/dresden-plate.htm

The New Hexagon 52 blocks to English Paper Piece

The New Hexagon Quilt-A-Long was one of the most popular quilts of 2015 and is still attracting new quilters. The quilt pattern consists of 52 individual and unique blocks which make up a complete quilt. The only caveat with the quilt along is that it cost $249 USD to get started! We believe there is a cheaper price now available, but were unable to find the location of where to purchase it.

The New Hexagon: 52 Blocks to English Paper Piece

The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar

The perprentual calendar is another name for the quilt along and quilt pattern but we suggest using the terminology above to have the best results for finding the supplies.

The New Hexagon by Katja Marek

This is another way to search for the book and supplies.

gypsy wife quilt pattern

The Gypsy Wife Quilt Pattern is a design by Jen Kingwell who is mentioned above. This is one of her most popular quilt designs for EPP.

Gypsy Wife By Jen Kingwell Quilting Booklet

Honeycomb Shape and Honeycomb Template

The honeycomb shape and template is one of the most popular individual shapes. Similar to Grandmother’s Flower Garden, the honeycomb shape is often used to build an entire quilt with one shape. It is also used in the Lucy Boston quilt.

Sarah Fielke

Sarah Fielke is another English Paper Piecing designer based in Australia. There seems to be a trend! She is well known for her yearly quilt alongs where you pay a flat fee to be apart of a 6 month program which includes access to a private Facebook group.

Busy Fingers

Busy Fingers is Sue Daley’s quilt store.

Patchwork With Busy Fingers

You can also reference Sue’s online store with the above term.


This is Linda Franz’s personal website that allows you to print individual paper peices using her specialized software.

Katja Marek

Katja is the designer and quilt store owner, based in Canada, behind The New Hexagon Quilt.

Katja’s Quilt Shoppe

This is Katja’s online ecommerce store name.

Fussy Cut

Fussy cutting is the way you cut the fabric in order to match shapes to form a new pattern.


The Quatrocolor, also known as Quatro Quilt is Sue Daley’s current 2016 English Paper Piecing design.

My Small World Quilt

My Small World is a Design by Jen Kingwell.

My Small World Jen Kingwell Scrappy Quilt Pattern Booklet by Jen Kingwell

Willyne Hammerstein

Hammerstein is the author of the Millefiori Quilt book series which contains over 32 English Paper Piecing Patterns.

Paper Piecing Paper

This is another term for English Paper Piecing is you are looking for individual paper pieces!

Clam Shell template

The clam shell quilt is a single acrylic/paper piece design that is repeated until the desired quilt size is achieved.

Rosette Quilt

This is a reference to the La Passacaglia Quilt or bocks that are in a round shape which is designed with numerous sized ‘rosette’ blocks that are sewn together to form a complete quilt.


PaperPieces.com, also known as Paper Pieces is an online quilt shop that sells individual templates and paper pieces.

Paperpieces com

You can find them at the URL above.


Not to be mistaken with English Paper Piecing, paper piecing does not use individual paper pieces! This is typically done via a machine sewing.

Quiltmania Books

Quiltmania is a major publisher that specialized in general quilting as well as English Paper Piecing.

The Circle Game

The circle game quilt is another Jen Kingwell design which can be found below.

The Circle Game Quilt Pattern by Jen Kingwell Designs

Steampunk Quilt

You can find the steampunk templates and steampunk papers at the link below (Also a Jen Kingwell design).

Steam Punk Steampunk Jen Kingwell Designs Quilt Pattern

Linda Franz

Linda is the owner of Inklingo, a software company that allows you to print your own paper pieces.

Smitten Quilt

The Smitten Quilt was designed by Jen Kingwell’s daughter, Lucy.

Lucy Carson Kingwell SMITTEN Quilting Pattern

Sewline Glue Pen Refills

Purchase your refills below.

Sewline Water-Soluble Fabric Glue Pen Refill (2 Pack), Blue

Quilt Lovely

Purchase the Quilt Lovely Pattern from Fons and Porter.

Quilt Lovely: 15 Vibrant Projects Using Piecing and Applique

Hand Piecing Quilt Blocks

Hand piecing is unique in that you use a similar style to English Paper Piecing, but you do not use individual paper pieces. You typically use a running stitch.

Patchwork Star Pattern

A type of English Paper Piecing similar to the Dresden Plate that involves building a star.

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Another Jen Kingwell design quilt.

Green Tea and Sweet Beans Pattern Booklet By Jen Kingwell Designs

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