Exclusive Alexia Abegg Fabric and Quilt Kits

Welcome to our Alexia Abegg Fabric page where you can shop by complete collections and fabric by the yard at $9.99 per yard! Collections are listed from newest to oldest:


Reservation: Reserve your Alexia Abegg Warp fabric collection with a reservation fee (plus shipping). The difference will be billed upon shipment in April of 2020. Fat Quarter Bundle ($89.99) and Half Yard Bundle ($169.99)


  • The complete Alexia Abegg Warp collection includes 28 different fabrics
  • All fabrics are 44″ and 100% cotton
  • 44″ Wide and are cut in continuous lengths
  • Manufacture: Moda Fabrics


Price: $2 - $3
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Price: $89.99 $2
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Price: $169.99 $3
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