When I was sewing my La Pass quilt many years ago I met Kathi Shunn in our facebook group. Right from the start I admired her sense of color and the way she arranged prints to make an impactful design. She is a gifted sewist and you should definitely go look at her instagram feed to have a peek at some of her exquisite quilts (@keddykat75)  We got to talking one day and she mentioned that she was going to make a Tula Bloomer quilt with Linework and True Colors. She showed me a couple of ideas and I was blown away. I immediately said if you make this, I will kit them.  Before I knew it, BAM the quilt was finished! (well not exactly but pretty darn close) I am proud to say this truly is an outstanding celebration of color. You don't want to miss this opportunity. There are 83 different prints used and I do believe this would be a good EPP quilt for a beginner as well.
Here are a few things about Kathi you might like to know.
How Long Have You Been Quilting?

I made my first quilt in high school home economics, but really started quilting in 2002

How Did You Learn? Did A Family Member Teach You?

I pretty much taught myself from books and the internet.  My first projects as a self professed quilter were baby quilts. 

Do You Gift Most of Your Quilts or Hang On To Them?

When I pieced by machine most of my quilts were gifted, but now that I am almost exclusive to EPP, I keep my quilts.  I tell my kids that they will inherit them.

Is There a Quilt On Your Bed?  What Does It Look Like?

Sometimes I have a quilt on my bed for the day, but usually it is just a duvet.  When I do lay a quilt out it is my Brimfield Awakening quilt with Tula Pink's De La Luna fabric.

What Five Tools or Notions Are Your Favorite?

The notions I couldn't live without are my Poke a Dots by Jilly, my Sue Daley Milliners needles in size 15, my stork scissors, my Sue Daley glue pen, and my seam ripper.

What One Designer or Quilter Would You Like To Take A Class From?

I would love to take a class from Tula Pink, just so I could meet her. 

What Do You Do For Inspiration? Do You See A Fabric and Expand on That?

I usually find inspiration in the fabric.  For example, my CanCan quilt was made entirely with Lumina by Robert Kaufman in each star center.

Do You Tend To Work With The Same Color Palette?

I don't always use the same color palettes, but lately rainbows seem to draw me in, like Tula Pink True colors, and anything Alison Glass.  

What Techniques Do You Love?  What Techniques Would You Like To Try or Get Better At?

I have completely fallen in love with EPP.  I love the freedom to work on my projects anywhere and love being next to my husband on the couch instead of being tied to a machine.  I also like how precise it is, I have never mastered a scant 1/4 inch seam and so my regular pieced quilts are always a little off of perfect. 

How Would You Describe Your Style of Quilting? 

I would describe my style of quilting as modern for sure.

What Is The One Quilt That You Want To Make But Haven't? Why? 

One quilt I want to make, but haven't is probably Dear Jane which I actually started, but after 4 rows I got derailed and haven't gone back to finish.  I was doing it in a rainbow of batiks and black and white fabrics.

How Do You Stay Organized? 

Organized?  Who is organized?

Do You Enter Your Quilts In Shows For Competition?

I have entered a few shows, but not many.  I would like to do more.  

It has been a blast working with Kathi to get this all together for you. Thank you so much.

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Robert Shunn
Robert Shunn

December 28, 2020

Kathi is an amazing piece of work to be sure. Her quilts on FB roped me in to believing that she must be uber-patient… Turns out her patience is spent mostly on her creations, and not on her husband! She is amazingly dedicated and driven, and whenever a spare moment exists, she is pulling at a thread or poking at fabric. I love her and her expertise. (Hubby’s are allowed to brag I hope)

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