The Complete English Paper Piecing Tutorial Guide

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Hide Your Stitches Using the Flat Back Stitch

  1. Lucie Biesenthal 3 years ago

    Hello Karen!!

    I’m new to EPP. I started off doing a bunch of different stitches and then became totally enchanted with your flat back stitch. My work is improving with practice!!

    I have done some Grandmother’s Flower Garden for starters and have appliqued one flower at a time to a quilted background to make candle mats.
    The next motif I tried was a star shape and there is a lot of seam allowance ‘sticking’ out at the ends. How do I deal with these in order to applique this motif
    down. Cut most of it off, glue it down, whipstitch the seam allowances together to hide them???

    I did search your videos – they don’t deal with this.

    I love your work – it’s just lovely – and your videos are great!!! And I am in no rush for an answer.

    Thanks so much

    Lucie Biesenthal Slate River, Ontario, Canada

    • Author
      Karen Tripp 3 years ago

      Hi Lucie,

      The little tales you are talking about are always an issue with Applique. You do not want to trim them too much or they will fray. But you do have to trim them, so it is a balance. I’ll be doing a video on this topic soon and I’ll keep you posted!

  2. Lucie Biesenthal 3 years ago

    Thank you Karen – I look forward to the video.
    Happy stitching

  3. Jill Parisien 3 years ago

    Hi Karen, I love your work and your videos on you tube. Thank you for providing them. It was by watching them that I got inspired to try making a Passacaglia quilt. A small one !
    My question is…when do I remove the paper shapes after sewing the pieces together. Straight away ? Or when the whole rosette is finished ? Or bit by bit ? Or when the whole quilt top is pieced together ?
    I am not the most dexterous of hand sewers and need all the help I can get. Also do you somehow stick the plastic templates to the fabric before fussy cutting ? Mine keeps moving while I am cutting. Just a bit but it does throw the design off. Is there a glue Incan use ?
    Thanks so much. Jill parisien

    • 3 years ago

      Hi Jill,

      First off, thanks for watching all the videos.

      When you’re fussy cutting you can put double stick tape on the back of the templates or the rubber dots that have adhesive on them. When removing the papers I would wait until you sew the rosettes to each other. It keeps them stable. I would sew the small rosettes to one large rosette and then you can remove the papers in the middle.


  4. Kyle 3 years ago

    That was huge for me! Thank you!

  5. Christine L Woodall 2 years ago

    I love this stitch, it makes so much sense so now I practice. Thank you and thank you for showing how to use the glue

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