Kaffe Fassett Fabric By The Yard

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Fabric By The Yard

44″ Wide

Kaffe Fassett Brassica Pastel PWPJ051.PASTE



SKU: PWPJ051PASTE Category:

Kaffe Fassett Diamond Stripe Multi PWGP170.MULTI


6 in stock

SKU: PWGP170MULTI Category:

Kaffe Fassett Lady’s Purse Antique PWPJ094.ANTIQ



SKU: PWPJ094ANTIQ Category:

Kaffe Fassett Big Stripe Pink BKKF005.0PINK


5 in stock

SKU: BKKF0050PINK Category:

Kaffe Fassett Spot Turquoise GP70.TURQ


15 in stock

SKU: GP70TURQ Category:

Kaffe Fassett Stone Flower Pink PWGP173.PINKX


5 in stock

SKU: PWGP173PINKX Category:

Kaffe Fassett Guinea Flower Grey PWGP059.GREYX


10 in stock

SKU: PWGP059GREYX Category:

Kaffe Fassett Diamond Stripe Green PWGP170.GREEN


7 in stock

SKU: PWGP170GREEN Category:

Kaffe Fassett Stone Flower Orange PWGP173.ORANG


5 in stock

SKU: PWGP173ORANG Category:

Thank you for your interest in our Kaffe Fassett Quilt Kits! You can shop all of our Kaffe Fassett Fabric and Quilt Kits in our complete guide: Kaffe Fassett Quilt Kits (this includes complete collections, quilt kits, and sale fabric!).

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