Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses Quilt

Are you looking to purchase Lucy Boston Acrylic Templates or Lucy Boston Paper Pieces? Click the quilt image below! If you are looking to learn more about The Lucy Boston Patchwork of The Crosses Quilt, continuing reading to view tutorials, tips and tricks, and information on the different type of supplies!

In this comprehensive beginner’s guide to The Lucy Boston Patchwork of The Crosses Quilt, you’ll find video and written tutorials, supply recommendations, information on English Paper Piecing, learn about Lucy M Boston, where you can purchase the pattern book.

What Is The Lucy Boston Patchwork of The Crosses Quilt?

The quilt is an English Paper Piecing quilt that was designed by Lucy M Boston during her lifetime as a novelist. She went on to create over 20 patchwork quilts over her lifetime with the Patchwork of the Crosses being the most popular quilt pattern.

Lucy M. Boston

Lucy Boston, whose real name is Lucy Maria Wood was an English Novelist who wrote for children and adults, publishing all her work after the age of 60. She is best known for her “Green Knowe” series. The term Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses become popular after Lucy’s daughter, Diana Boston, published a story about her mother’s stories in 1985. The story written by Diana is a collection of stories that Lucy wrote to herself before she became a novelist.

Lucy Boston Patchwork of The Crosses Book

The original “The Patchworks of Lucy Boston” is no longer published, but can be found on Amazon by typing the quoted text into the search area. We have to say that it is extremely hard to find a copy of the book that is in a newer condition without paying a large sum for it. Attached below is a description of the original book:

“This lovely book is for everyone who is interested in Lucy Boston’s life and her twenty-two patchworks. Diana Boston’s descriptions of the patchworks are insightful and poetic. The book was written with love for Lucy Boston and includes wonderful stories about the inspiration for her patchworks, her fabric purchases in wartime England, references to the patchworks in her letters, historical background, and her life story. Each of the twenty-two quilts is shown whole and with details. The photography by Julia Hedgeco is beautifully displayed.”

Lucy Boston, Lucy Boston Patchwork of The Crosses, or Patchwork of the Crosses

Both of the above names reference Lucy’s quilt and are considered interchangeable. Lucy Boston is the more popular term if you are searching for additional content or sample blocks on Pinterest.

Lucy Boston English Paper Piecing

The quilt was designed to be hand sewn using either a hand piecing or English Paper Piecing method. Both of these techniques are very similar as they both use acrylic templates for fussy cutting, but English Paper Piecing also includes individual pre-cut papers that are designed to help stabilize the fabric while sewing. More information on that below!

Lucy Boston Patchwork of The Crosses Quilt Pattern And Where To Find It

Seeing how it is fairly hard to obtain a copy of the book, there are directions readily available online. Due to the simplicity of the shapes and continuous repetition, it is easy to follow from a picture. A great feature of the Lucy Boston Patchwork of The Crosses Quilt is that it can be made into any size you like. This could include a pillowcase or an extremely large quilt! At TheDIYAddict, we sell English Paper Piecing supplies that make a quilt that is 92″ x 105″ without the border. This was the original size of the quilt from the pattern book published in 1985. The pattern itself consists of only two shapes; a 1″ honeycomb and a 1″ square. Like most quilt patterns, it is symmetrical using repetitive blocks that are sewn together to form a full quilt.

Why Are There So Many Pieces And What Are They Used For? As mentioned above, the Lucy Boston Quilt Pattern was designed to be either English Paper Pieced or Hand Pieced. Both of these methods are hand sewing methods – even though there is no reason why you couldn’t machine quilt the entire project! To learn more about English Paper Piecing we suggest our English Paper Piecing Complete Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About The Lucy Boston Quilt

How Hard Is It To Get Started and What Supplies Do I Need?

Getting started is much easier than it looks! If you are English Paper Piecing, the core supplies include the Patchwork of The Crosses Pattern, acrylic templates (to help with fussy cutting), paper pieces (to help with stabilization), fabric (which is up to you!), and various accessories such as Glue Pens. We’ll go through each of these in more detail below. Make sure you view the tutorials as well!

Pattern Directions

As previously mentioned, the pattern is relatively straightforward and we’ve attached a diagram below to show you how the blocks are put together. In short, the block is made with a single shape–the honeycomb (elongated hexagon). The blocks are then joined with squares.

Lucy Boston Quilt Pattern

Lucy Boston Patchwork of The Crosses Acrylic Templates and Why You Need Them

Seeing how the Lucy Boston quilt is a hand-sewn quilt, acrylic templates are used to help with fussy cutting and precision. There are many styles, colors, and seam allowances for acrylic templates. For styles, you’ll often hear about full or window templates. Window templates have an opening in the middle between the seam allowance and the center of the template. Full templates are a solid acrylic throughout without any cuts into the middle of the template. Colors range from clear, red, orange, purple, and yellow. Sizes of acrylic templates (seam allowance) vary as well; from 1/8”, ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, to a 1”. At TheDIYAddict, we have found there are one preferred style and color and two sizes. The reasons are that 1/8” is too small, and anything above 3/8” is too much seam allowance, while clear acrylics make it easier for you to see your fabric while you fussy cut. our acrylic templates come in two sizes (or seam allowances): 1/4″ and 3/8″.

Lucy Boston Acrylic Templates

What Is The Difference Between 3/8 and 1/4″ Seam Allowances and Which Should I Choose? There is no difference between the acrylic templates not including the seam allowance. We wish we could be more precise on which size to choose, but it mostly has to do with personal preference. If you are new to English Paper Piecing, we’d recommend the 3/8″ seam allowance as it’s more forgiving.

Lucy Boston Templates and Why You Need Them

Paper pieces are helpful when it comes to English Paper Piecing and are used for precision and to help assemble the individual blocks more accurately, but are not required. Like acrylic templates, there are different styles and colors of papers, but few variations. When it comes to papers the most common styles are freezer paper, printer paper, recycled paper, or cardstock. All the above papers are usually white but the recycled paper is usually brown due to its recycled nature. At TheDIYAddict we sell cardstock paper pieces (only complete quilting sets) since we found the paper releases more effectively when you are removing your papers from the fabric.

Lucy Boston Paper Pieces


How Much Fabric Do You Need?

Choosing fabric can be a difficult proposition. This is a very hard question to answer, but we always suggest you purchase or allocate enough fabric for 1 to 3 blocks. You should attempt to pick between 5 and 10 fabric designs and around one fat quarter of each. Once you have completed your first 3 blocks, you’ll have a much better idea of the fabric selection and lengths you’ll need. For some quilters, it might only take 10 yards of fabric, while others it might take up to 20 total yards. The difference comes from if you are fussy cutting the fabric or not. If you are fussy cutting and depending on the fabric (We love Carolyn Friedlander and Elizabeth Hartman!), it could take up to the 20 yards mentioned above. This assessment does NOT include borders or backing.

Which Thread To Use?

This is another really hard question to answer. At TheDIYAddict our favorite thread if Bottom Line from Superior Threads which is thin. Some quilters like Gutterman’s 100% cotton thread. Another favorite is Aurifil’s 28 weight thread. We recently did a survey and received over 47 different answers when it came to quilters individual preference for their favorite thread.

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses Kits

At the moment, we do not sell pre-picked fabric kits for the Lucy Boston quilt. But we do offer supplies such as needles, thread, and fabric.

Lucy Boston Quilt Blocks

If you’re looking for inspiration, we always suggest Google’s Image Search and typing in “Lucy Boston Quilt Blocks”. There’s so many modern and traditional designs!

Before we go any further, we’d like to present product photos and a location to purchase your acrylic templates, paper pieces, and the book within the page so you don’t have to leave it! We’ll also go into more details about potential accessories, fabric choices, and provide tutorials if you keep reading.

Quilt Details and Supplies

Pattern Details:

  • English Paper Pieced or Hand Pieced
  • 92″ x 105″ without border

Supplies Included:

  • A Complete Set of 2 Clear Acrylic Templates (3/8″ or 1/4″ Seam Allowance)
  • A Complete Set of 3,702 White Paper Pieces


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Lucy Boston Quilt Tutorials

At the moment we do not have Lucy Boston specific tutorials, but we do have extensive tutorials on the La Passacaglia Quilt which is a very popular hand sewn quilt. In the videos below, you’ll various English Paper Piecing techniques such as the Flat Back Stitch, how to use your acrylic templates and paper pieces, as well as how to choose fabric for fussy cutting.

Hide Your Stitches (Flat Back Stitch)

First Steps for Getting Started

Marking The Paper Pieces

The Ideal Way to Sew Your Five Star Centers

Choosing Colors

Choosing Fabrics

Supplies and Notions

A collection of English Paper Piecing Supplies that will help with all of your projects no matter the pattern!

Sewline Glue Pen For English Paper Piecing

Sewline Glue Pen

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Glue Pen Refills

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Clover Clips for English Paper Piecing

Clover Clips

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Thermal Thimbles For English Paper Piecing

Thermal Thimbles

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Thread and Needle Case

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Milliner Needles For English Paper Piecing

Milliners Needles Sz 11

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Bottom Line Cream Thread For English Paper Piecing

Bottom Line Thread Cream

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Bottom Line Taupe Thread For English Paper Piecing

Bottom Line Thread Taupe

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Bottom Line Thread Grey

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