Millefiori Quilts 3: The Complete Guide

Are you looking to learn more about Millefiori Quilts 3 by Willyne Hammerstein, purchase the pattern book, your English Paper Piecing supplies, and view step by step video and written tutorials? Then you’re in the right place! In this guide, you can view all the quilt patterns in Millefiori Quilts 3 in one conveneint location!

Book Details:

  • By Willyne Hammerstein
  • Published in 2016 by Quiltmania
  • The 3rd installment of Millefiori Quilts Series
  • Contains 18 quilt patterns


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Belle Fleur


Flower Power


Le Grand Desert

Letsie Pietsie Pizzicato

Liberty A Secret Song


La Tarantella

Rondo Vivace

Lucky Stars

Perpetuum Mobile

Silent Garden

Sur Le Pont Davignon

Battle of the Stars

Touch Me Sweetly

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