Quilting the Invisible Flat Back Stitch For La Passacaglia Quilt

Quilting your English Paper Piecing La Passacaglia Quilt using the invisible flat back stitch has many benefits. The most profound benefit is that your stitches are hidden! In this article you'll be able to view a video tutorial as well as a written guide with information as well as several tips that will help you learn the invisible flat back stitch. Quilting the Invisible Flat Back Stitch Video Tutorial

Quilting the Invisible Flat Back Stitch Written Tutorial

I had never done any English Paper Piecing at all. But in my true DIY fashion I jumped in, head first right into the deep end! Once I started going, I realized I didn't know what I was doing. When I first started, the only stitch I knew was the whip stitch (Video). I got pretty far along before I figured out that when quilting, you can come up with your own methods! I then started reading as many blog posts about thread and EPP that I could find. The learning curve has been enormous. Having said that, I am committed and totally smitten with this pattern! If I can help others to speed up the learning curve that would make me so happy!
This is what I have learned quilting the La Passacaglia..
    [caption id="attachment_7505" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Quilting the Invisible Flat Back Stitch Front View for English Paper Piecing La Passacaglia Quilt Invisible Flat Back Stitch Front View for La Passacaglia Quilt[/caption]

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The Wonder of Wonder Clips

I started out first by using Wonder clips and stitching my pieces together with a whip stitch the traditional way. When I took the clips off and opened up the sewn pieces, they never seems to be aligned correctly, always a little off. I figured it was due to my being an absolute novice. (probably true) Once I got to stitching the pieces together when the rosette got bigger I couldn't manage the whole clip thing. The clips would start to pop off while I was trying to sew. Immediately started to hold the pieces in place butted up to each other with painters tape and stitch from the back side. Well I can tell you it worked great! It also fixed another big problem in the process, my stitches weren't showing on the front. Before with the traditional whip stitch you could really see my stitches. Now I'm not a fanatic about this, after all it is hand sewing but I did want to minimize them showing as much as possible. Check out my post about thread and needles which relates to this topic of stitches showing.
This is what my stitches looked like when I first started. YIKES!!!!! Pretty noticeable (I almost shouldn't show you) but I'm not going to rip them out. It is a work in progress and I enjoy looking at how far I've progressed. This quilt is for me so I don't mind. I've already started another one for my daughter.

Side note:

Since this original post I have ripped out all those beginning stitches. As it turns out when I took my quilt to the quilters she told me to enter it in some shows. I hadn’t planned on doing that but I thought it would be fun. So I painstakingly removed most of the bad stitches because now it was going to be scrutinized. Guess what? I made it into the Houston show with the Quiltmania collection of La Pass Quilts :)
Anyhow I had been agonizing over the "best" thread to use and now it really doesn't matter because the stitches don't show on the front.   [caption id="attachment_7507" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Flat Back Stitch Zoomed in View for La Passacaglia Quilt Flat Back Stitch for La Passacaglia[/caption] Problem solved!!! I use one color thread because that is what I bought. No changing the thread colors for me. The reason I love EPP so much is that I don't need too many things to make up a to-go travel kit. I can put everything I need in a sandwich size baggie and drop it in my purse. I'm ready to stitch at a moments notice! I still continue to whip stitch the same way like before only with the pieces flat and butted up next to each other. My stitches per inch are about 22. But that varies with the type of fabric and my mood.
Lay the pieces next to each other and stitch from the back. Now I use the clover clips to hold the pieces together, and sometimes painters tape. [caption id="attachment_7506" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Flat Back Stitch for English Paper Piecing La Passacaglia Quilt Front View Flat Back Stitch for English Paper Piecing Zoomed In[/caption] I know this stitch isn't for everyone but it sure did fix a few problems for me:) The stitches are almost invisible. You can see by my before photo that I needed some help!!!!! I also noticed that the pieces are lining up better too.
Let me know what you think. Good luck :)