Pre Order Policy

About Pre-Orders

TheDIYAddict offers various products for pre-order such as Quilting Fabric, Quilt Kits, and Quilt Patterns.

How Do I Tell If An Item Is A Pre Order?

On the product's information page you will see an estimated ship date and the 'Add to Cart' button will state 'Pre-Order'.

What Is Your Pre-Order Policy?

By placing a pre-order, you are reserving merchandise by paying for a listing up-front before TheDIYAddict receives the physical product. Since TheDIYAddict does not have the fabric in hand at the time of the pre-order, please understand that we will ship all pre-order products upon receiving them. The estimated date of arrival is clearly noted in each pre-order listing.

Sometimes, a manufacturer can experience delays or mis-shipments, and these situations are outside of our control. If, for any reason there is an issue with your pre-order (ie delays, missing piece, etc), we will contact you to make you aware of the situation, and proceed to find a satisfactory solution.

Please do not order ‘IN STOCK’ items with your preorder. Place multiple orders if other items are needed urgently.

Am I Required To Pre Order?

Pre-orders are not required as we usually purchase extra fabric/notions/supplies. With that being said, many of the products (especially fabric) that we carry are not re-printed and won't be available again as the manufacturer will be out of stock.

When Am I Charged For My Pre-Order?

When you pre-order a product, the entire amount WILL be billed upon the date in which you order, NOT upon the date of shipment.

When Will Items Ship If My Order Contains In Stock and Pre-Order Items?

If you order pre-order items and in stock items, the regular priced items will ship in the same package as the pre-order items, when all the items become available. If you would like us to ship your regularly priced items before your pre-order items, there is an additional shipping fee of $7.95 USD.

If you have any questions before submitting a pre-order, please contact us.