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Le Creame De La Cream Acrylic Templates

Shop For Le Crème De La Crème Acrylic Templates!

Pattern Details:

The Le Crème De La Crème Quilt is an English Paper Piecing Pattern by Willyne Hammerstein (hand sewing) that requires acrylic templates.

TheDIYAddict offers the quilt pattern in two sizes, original and oversized. The original size is the exact size acrylic templates found within the pattern book (Millefiori Quilts 1 by Willyne Hammerstein) and the oversized is 1.5x larger which is highly recommended for quilters starting their first English Paper Piecing project as the templates are easier manage.

  • Original Pattern Size: 66inches x 85inches
  • Oversized Pattern: 99inches x 127inches

Acrylic Templates:

A complete set of 3 cl ear acrylic templates with two s eam allowances to choose from. 3/8inches s eam allowance templates are recommended for beginners.

  • 3/8inches S eam Allowance
  • 1/4inches S eam Allowance

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