Sue Daley English Paper Piecing

Welcome to our complete guide to Sue Daley English Paper Piecing patterns, tutorials, and products! In this guide you’ll be able to video tutorials, purchase patterns, learn about Sue Daley Designs, and view her exclusive line of notions.

Sue Daley Patterns

Sue Daley is one of the most popular quilters in the world! Throughout her lifetime, she has designed more than 43 patterns, most of which are english paper piecing. Her newest pattern is launching in early 2018 which is called ‘Round We Go’. Below, you can view all of the Sue Daley Patterns that we sell at All of the patterns are English Paper Piecing (epp) and several use Needle Turn Applique as well.

Sue Daley Round We Go Quilt

Sue Daley Round We Go Pattern

Sue Daley Marmalade Quilt

Sue Daley Marmalade Pattern

Sue Daley Quatro Quilt

Sue Daley Quatro Colour Pattern

Sue Daley All Over The Octagon Quilt

Sue Daley All Over The Octagon Pattern

Sue Daley Antique Sampler Quilt

Sue Daley Antique Sampler Pattern

Sue Daley Birds of Paradise Quilt

Sue Daley Birds of Paradise Pattern

Sue Daley Bitter Stars Quilt

Sue Daley Bitter Stars Pattern

Sue Daley Butterfly Dance Quilt

Sue Daley Butterfly Dance Pattern

Sue Daley Raspberry Licorice Quilt

Sue Daley Raspberry Licorice Pattern

Sue Daley Rouge Provence Quilt

Sue Daley Rouge Provence Pattern

Sue Daley Starburst Quilt

Sue Daley Starburst Pattern

Sue Daley Sunshine Lollipops Quilt

Sue Daley Sunshine Lollipops Rainbows Pattern

Sue Daley Turkish Delight Quilt

Sue Daley Turkish Delight Pattern

Sue Daley Whimsical Garden Quilt

Sue Daley Whimsical Garden Pattern

Sue Daley Lattice Rose Quilt

Sue Daley Lattice Rose Pattern

Sue Daley Playing With Paper Quilt

Sue Daley Playing With Paper Pattern

Sue Daley Designs

Sue Daley Designs is her companies name and her hometown is in Queensland Australia. Due to her global presence, she has several digital channels which you can find her and learn more about below. Another name reference is Busyfingers Patchwork which you have might see on the web!

Sue Daley Youtube

Sue Daley’s YouTube channel is extremely popular and can be found at Sue Daley YouTube. She has an extensive list of video tutorials which include; The Classics, Round We Go, Tips and Tricks, Rouge Provence Sew Along, Shape Up English Paper Piecing School, and more. If you are new to English Paper Piecing or are looking for a specific set of tutorials, her YouTube is the ideal location! We’ve highlighted several of her most popular videos: The Classics, Round We Go Block 3, How to Sew Hexagons, and How to Needle Turn Applique.

Sue Daley Facebook

Sue Daley does not have a formal Facebook group that we are aware of, but you can follow her Facebook page which she updates weekly. Her Facebook page announces new tutorials, quilts, and often provides information on how to use her fabric line. View Sue Daley Facebook Page.

Sue Daley Instagram

Sue Daley has a very active Instagram page which she updates with new product releases. She often features blocks from her quilt, Round We Go. View Sue Daley Instagram Page.

Sue Daley Patchwork with Busyfingers

Sue Daley not only has a Facebook and Instagram page, but she also has her own website blog that has been around for over 10 years! She frequently wrote on her blog before Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook became popular. View Sue Daley Patchwork With Busyfingers.

Sue Daley EPP

We’re not done yet! Even with Sue’s social following, there are still a few tips and tricks when it comes to finding more information about Sue, and that is Google. You’ll have the best results for finding new information about Sue when you search for Sue Daley epp on Google.

Sue Daley Products

Sue Daley Rotating Cutting Mat

The Sue Daley Rotating Cutting Mat is her most popular item and is excellent for Fussy Cutting. If you have a project that uses clear acrylic templates than her rotating cutting mat is one of the best inventions there is! The cutting mat allows you to rotate your fabric more precisely while using a rotary cutter.

Sue Daley Needles

Sue Daley Needles are her exclusive line of sewing needles. Needles and thread are so hard to choose, but she offers 4 different sizes on her website. Her needles are very similar to Milliner Needles which we recommend to quilters of all levels. Our favorite size is #11 which can be purchased on our notions page on the homepage of website.

Sue Daley Glue Pen

Another popular notion is the Sue Daley Glue Pen. It is very similar to the Sewline Glue Pens or Fons and Porter Glue Pens. We like the traditional Sewline glue pens as they are significantly cheaper than Sue’s (sorry Sue!).

Sue Daley English Paper Piecing Supplies

Sue Daley English Paper Piecing Supplies is the ideal terminology if you are looking to search any site or search engine for her notions. Her notions provide ease and comfort for all EPPers and are even required in some cases! A lot of stores, not only TheDIYAddict, carry her exclusive notions line.

Sue Daley Milliners Needles

Sue Daley Milliners Needles are the exactly the same as Milliners needles. We offer Milliners needles in our store which you can find on the homepage.

Sue Daley Applique Glue

Sue Daley Applique Glue is very very similar to Sewline Glue and we suggest the pens to save money.

Sue Daley Books

At the moment, we are unaware of any Sue Daley books that do not include her design pattern guides for each of her patterns. Maybe she will author an English Paper Piecing book in the future!

Sue Daley Templates

Sue Daley Templates are clear, have ¼” seam allowance, and come with marking holes. This style is ideal for beginning or advanced quilters. It’s also great for fussy cutting your favorite Alison Glass, Tula Pink, or Sue Daley Fabric! In Sue’s patterns, there are varying amount of shapes, and some of her quilt patterns come with a complete set of acrylic templates, while some do not. The reason is that some quilts require a large number of certain shapes, hence a template is necessary or ideal. In other patterns, some shapes only occur 5 or 6 times, so having a template for them would not be ideal or necessary (it would also cost a lot more!).

Sue Daley Paper Piecing

Several of Sue Daley’s quilts not only include needle turn applique and English Paper Piecing, but paper piecing as well! Paper piecing is a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing. In our product pages above, we state which quilts require which sewing methods in the description. Just because a quilt requires all 3, does not mean it’s going to take longer which is a major concern for quilters who hand piece!

Sue Daley Quilts

Sue Daley Quilts Kit are some of our favorite. There are several quilt kits available for her quilts which use her Riley Blake fabric line. At the moment, does not sell Sue Daley Quilts Kit, we only sell her patterns. Two of our favorite quilt kits are incorporated into her ‘Round We Go’ pattern which consists of the ‘Brights’ and ‘Pastels’ from her upcoming fabric line; Sundance.

Sue Daley Tutorials

Sue Daley Tutorials are famous due to their sheer amount and the high quality production. They dive into topics that consist of quilt specific tutorials, getting started with English Paper Piecing, to discussing how to use her rotating cutting mat.

We discuss each of her tutorials below.

Sue Daley Fabric

Sue Daley Fabric is manufactured by Riley Blake Designs based in New York. Her upcoming collection is Sue Daley Sundance which includes a linin and lawn fabrics as well. Sue Daley has a Riley Blake Storyboard which showcases her fabric line HERE. Due to the size of the individual prints, her fabric is excellent for fussy cutting!

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